Mission -Department of Architecture

The objectives include: a to inculcate in the student an understanding of the context of design and construction in physical, cultural, social, economic, ecological and technological terms; b to equip the student with adequate knowledge, creativities, specialized skills and leadership capabilities that will enable the graduate to co–ordinate and control the design and construction processes and inputs from allied professionals and executors; c to train the graduate to be a consultant capable of performing the following functions: i. Brief development and feasibility studies; ii. Project initiation and development; iii. Site and development planning; iv. Design; v. Supervision; vi. Contract Administration; vii. Project Management; viii. Rehabilitation and Refurbishing; ix. Modification and material change in use; x. Restoration and preservation, and xi. Maintenance. d to acquaint the student with theory and contemporary principles of design, through the study of architectural theory and the works of Masters of Architecture. (c): Admission Requirements: 4 – Year BSc Architecture Programme For admission to BSc Architecture degree programme in the Department of Architecture, a student must satisfy the minimum University – Faculty of Environmental Design requirements including credits in Physics, Mathematics, English Language, and at least two other subjects. Preference will be given to candidates with Credits in Technical Drawing and Fine Arts at ‘O’ Level SSCE Final Examination.